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We also have:
2003  Shows
Show DateTopicsHostsTech
        December 2003
12/31/03LCD panel defects, cable/dsl $, 2003 events, 2004 futureHank, Alfred, Michael(29:39) 5.2MB part 1
part 2
12/24/03Spyware, Spam, disk De-frag, LCD screens, Media pcHank, Alfred(26:15)
4.6 mb
part 1
5.0 mb
part 2
12/17/03How to protect your PC, AntiVirus, AntiSpamHank, Alfred, Michael, David Perry(28:52)
6.8 mb
1.0 mb
5.8 mb
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12/10/03How to use the Internet:  "Online, the book"Hank, Michael, Stevie, John Dvorak(28:17)
5.0 mb
0.9 mb
3.8 mb
12/03/03Security, HD-DVD, Pharos GPS, AlohaBobJoe, Hank, Alfred, Dave Chan(28:22)
5.0 mb
0.9 mb
3.5 mb
        November 2003
11/26/03Fund raisingJoe, Hank, Alfred, Michael(29:43)
5.2 mb
part 1
2.8 mb
part 2
1.7 mb
11/12/03Symantec:  Internet Security ThreatsJoe, Hank, Alfred, Tony Vincent(27:38)
4.9 mb
1.2 mb
3.7 mb
11/05/03Win PeripheralsJoe, Hank, Alfred, Michael(28:35)
5.0 mb
0.5 mb
4.0 mb
        October 2003
10/22/03PC Annoyances book, and Fund raisingJoe, Hank, Alfred, Michael, Steve Bass(57:36)
13.5 mb
part 1
4.1 mb
part 2
7.6 mb
part 3
1.2 mb
10/08/03We get lettersJoe, Hank, Alfred(28:31)
6.7 mb
1.6 mb
5.0 mb
10/01/03Installing softwareHank, Michael, Steve(26:45)
6.3 mb
1.9 mb
5.8 mb
        September 2003
9/24/03Registry CleanersJoe, Hank, Alfred, Michael   (1:52)
0.5 mb
5.8 mb
9/17/03PC Expo NYC reportJoe, Hank, Alfred, Michael(29:03)
6.8 mb
1 mb
part 1
1 mb
part 2
5.2 mb
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